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    FIXED Whirlpool WRF991BOOM01 Ice maker doesn’t work, water doesn’t dispense

    Hello! not going to kid myself, I have not a clue what I’m doing but hey, we learn this way. WRF991BOOM01 Side by side with freezer on bottom. ice maker doesn’t work. water doesn’t dispense. deli drawer unit doesn’t work. temps are 37/0. I’ve ran test 57, it times out. test 56 won’t do...
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    FIXED WDF750SAYB0 Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwasher - Circulator Pump not working

    The dishwasher is a 2014 Whirlpool Gold Series WDF750SAYB0. So lets start off that the dishwasher not only leaked water into our basement not once but two times due to my wife ignoring the water on the floor and running another load. After I noticed the water in the basement one evening, the...
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    Whirlpool WDT780SAEM2 timer not counting down

    Hey all, not sure how long this has been happening due to the fact that we put the dishwasher on before heading to bed, but today I noticed that the timer takes a really long time to advance. Typically the normal cycle starts at 3:14 and then gets stuck at 3:08 for over an hour. I read up on the...
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    WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool Washer never finishes, rinse and spin cycles behavior not correct

    Our washer will pretty much run forever if we do not intervene. I observed a quick wash cycle starting at the rinse cycle. The rinse cycle behaves more like a wash cycle. It spins with water flow but will also agitate. When the spin cycle finally starts after about 50 minutes, it will run...
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    Help! Purchasing a French door refrigerator. French door analysis paralysis

    I am purchasing a French door refrigerator. I like the idea of dual ice makers. Any suggestions? I am not buying another Samsung and am scared of Lg too. It’s took a gander at whirlpool wrf76sdhz. GE gfe28gynfs and Frigidaire lghb2869tf. I have analysis paralysis and the bad reviews are scaring...
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    Whirlpool Gold GMC275PRB01, Serial #XT1111954, DOM 03/2006, Micro/Oven wall unit, micro not heating

    Hello Everyone/Anyone, I have a Whirlpool Gold GMC275PRB01 Microwave/Oven wall unit, made in March of 2006. One day the microwave quit heating. Runs and operates like normal, just doesn't heat. I did some research, and decided to start by replacing the High Voltage Diode. Bought one online...
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    WRF736SDAM14 Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice maker stopped working strange fill test

    Hello everybody. Thank you so much for this forum, it’s been a great resource over the years. My Whirlpool fridge model WRF736SDAM14 stopped making ice. I’ve followed the instructions here and ran the tests. Everything comes back as normal, EXCEPT the ice maker fill test. From what I...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Range- Blackened wire insulation

    I am replacing two infinite switches due to overheating 8” elements and noticed blackened insulation around the oven light base and the upper oven element wire harnesses. The wires seem to be undamaged. Should I be concerned about the blackened areas?
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    FIXED 106.51763510 Kenmore Coldspot fresh food section evaporator freezes

    I have a Kenmore 106.51763510 refrigerator with a dual evaporator that has a problem with the evaporator coil freezing up in the fresh food section causing it to warm up to 50 degrees. I was told this refrigerator was made by Whirlpool. To keep the refrigerator cold I thaw out the coil around...
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    WFC7500VW2 whirlpool washer F13 error message

    Hello, When I try to run the washer on a cycle the door locked button and the wash button start blinking and it won’t start. I run diagnostics and sometimes it won’t work but when it does I keep getting an F13 code which I thought was the door lock and switch is the control board next to be...
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    Whirlpool Washer WTW7300XW0 F50 fault.

    Hi Everyone, So, here's my sad tale of woe. About two years ago, I got an F50 fault. I pulled the washer, checked everything, cleaned the leads, and everything seemed to be fine. Last week, I got an F50 again about 45% through a wash cycle. Again, I pulled the stator. . .and then I had this...
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    FIXED WMH31017FS0 Whirlpool Microwave fuse and breaker trip after top two door switches replaced

    at the apartment community I work at I’ve ran into at least 10 microwaves in the past couple months that have the door open error message come up and they are unable to use the microwave from what I’ve researched I gather it’s a door switch error for a couple microwaves I tested I replaced the...
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    Whirlpool Oven WOS51E Broiler not heating up. Bake works.

    Good evening. I would appreciate any suggestions on what is exactly wrong with my Whirlpool Electric Oven. Purchased a broiler element and replaced it but still does not heat up. Electronics work (system board, cables run, nothing burned), voltmeter says the voltage is right (120V each line...
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    WRS325FDAM04 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice maker not dispensing ice through the door

    My Whirlpool ice maker is working fine, but it will not dispense ice through the door. When you press the lever on the door, you can hear the motor running, but ice does not dispense. It will dispense water . I have removed the ice tray and thawed it multiple times and checked to see if there...
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    Whirlpool duet washer WFW72HEDW0 - locked and errors - possible drain malfunction

    Hi Everyone, I have a 5 year old Whirlpool duet WFW72HEDW0. For the past while it has been locking up with error messages. E01 F03. Sometimes this will occur at the start of the wash (presumably when its checking to see if needs to drain anything), other times it will occur when the wash is...
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    GD5PHAXMS10 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Temperature Getting Too Warm

    The temperature in the freezer will go down to 0, but then goes up to 35 or so. The refrigerator temperature gets up to 45 or so. The compressor and fan seem to be working. When the temperature went up in the freezer, we tapped on the temperature control area and the compressor would come on...
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    LXR9445JQ1 1999 Whirlpool Washer - Have to hit door

    HI I have a 1999 washer that makes a whirring noise from the timer. I took the top off and removed and reinstalled the connections. Then I ran a load. The washer stopped and I opened and closed the door then hit the door with my hand. Then it resumed. Is this the timer?
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    WRS325FDAM02 Whirlpool Refrigerator Stuck water filter

    Hi there! My Whirlpool side by side fridge model number WRS325FDAM02 has a stuck water filter. After opening the access door, the filter should pop out a bit, i guess, in order to pull it out for replacement. But it doesn't. Tried pliers on the end of the filter, but the end of the filter is...
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    FIXED WSF26C2EXY02 Whirlpool Refrigerator - New water filter needed every 4 weeks???

    I have an 8 yr old builder supplied Whirlpool WSF26C2EXY02 side by side refrigerator. Until about a year ago it’s worked flawlessly and following manufacturer’s guidance we changed the water filter every 6 months to insure the water and ice dispenser worked and was healthy for us. This is what...
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    GI5FSAXVQ01 Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator - Control Panel Blank

    I have a 11 Year old Whirlpool Gold - Model GI5FSAXVQ01 and the Control Panel is completely Blank, no lights or codes. the Ice/Water Dispenser does not work. The light in the fridge/freezer do work. not sure if its cooling. I tried tripping the breaker for 10 min per the Owners Manual to...