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    Whirlpool Dryer WED92HEFC0 - Squeaky dryer

    So my dryer has been giving a horrendous squeal lately. It seems to come and go, and doesn't seem to effect it's ability to dry at all(yet). I suspect it's a bearing or tensioner, but I thought I might get some advice before digging into it and replacing parts. It squeaks when the dryer rotates...
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    WTW4816FW2 Whirlpool top load washer won't start

    Our Whirlpool top load washer won't start. Push the Start button, the Locked light flashes red, then after a few seconds light goes out. Nothing else happens. Any idea where to look first? Thanks
  3. P

    Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW3 lid lock issue

    Hello, Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no experience in appliance repair. I just got my washer from someone at work today. Got it home and set it all up so I can test it out. I press the start button and the lid lock light blinks once and that's it. Nothing else happens. I watched...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5500XW3 won't fill/start - drain pump? - video and description included

    hello, my whirlpool cabrio washer, model WTW5500XW3, recently stopped working. it refused to fill, and would just sit there and impotently grind and do nothing. it gave off a code saying the drain pump was the problem. here is what that looked like: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WB7E1cHuqoy696L8A...
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    Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW7000DW0 not entering spin cycle, keeps going, clothes stay soapy.

    My WTW7000DW0 just keeps going through the wash cycle over and over again. Keeps giving me balancing error. f0e3 and f035 keep coming up. Checked drainage, springs, everything I could see without taking out the tub. I'm able to run the spin manually but today I noticed frothing all over the...
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    Whirlpool Dryer GEW9250PL1 Control Panel will not turn on

    Good Afternoon, I have a whirlpool duet washer and dryer. The dryer control panel will not turn on when you push the control on button. There is power to the unit because the inside light turns on when the door is opened. I...
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    Whirlpool refrigerator 2018 WRT318FZDB02 not cooling

    I have a 2018 whirlpool refrigerator, freezer on top, that is not cooling. It will get slightly cold fridge temp, but not freeze. Fridge is not cool at all. Evaporator fan is functioning, no obstructions. When I removed the backing the copper line connected to the coils is frozen with buildup. I...
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    Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW5640XW0 Tub Seal Leak?

    Hello! I have a 10 year old Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW0 washer with some kind of leak. I recently started noticing a burning plastic smell after running a wash load. Searches led me to believe it might be the capacitor. I looked around the machine, but never noticed anything that looked out of...
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    Whirlpool W11126814 Oven Control Board for Sale

    Selling a new, open box oven control board- MFG Part Number: W11126814. I purchased this part, but then I realized it was a bad igniter, not control board. I purchased it for $308, but I am willing to negotiate.
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    WRT549SZDM00 Whirlpool Fridge - Everything seems like it's working but doesn't get cold

    So I'm an apartment maintenance technician and I keep having these fridges go out but I can't figure out what the issue is. Everything runs, compressor runs, evap fan runs, coils isn't dirty, condenser fan runs, EVERYTHING RUNS. Everything seems like it's working but doesn't get cold...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX988SIBM03 Crisper Drawer Freezing

    Whirlpool 26 cu ft, Model WRX988SIBM03, S/N K64401514 The vents/coils in the back of our middle drawer (crisper, vegetables, etc) keep freezing over to the point you can’t even see it. And this is as defrosted as I can get it…you can see there’s still ice especially on the coils. I have...
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    FIXED Multiple error codes F08-E01, F05-E02 on Whirlpool Washer WFW85HEFC1

    Hi there, I'm receiving multiple error codes on my whirpool WFW85HEFC1. The error codes are as follows F03 - E01 - Pressure switch/sensor fault F06 - E03 - Communications fault F05 - E02 - Door lock fault F08 - E01 - Waterfill fault I've looked up the error codes for these, and am just...
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    Whirlpool Dishwasher DU1345XTVQ2 normal light flashing, but both keypad and control board test fine

    Hello everyone. At first this dishwasher had erratic behavior like randomly switching lights without user input, all lights coming on, different lights flashing, and stopping mid cycle. I opened it up and noticed that capacitor C132 on the control board was bulged and had leaked fluid. I...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT720PADM1 was leaking from the front...

    Dishwasher probably 5 years old. Starting leaking out front bottom of door about 15 minutes into the cycle. I checked the front feet and one wasn't touching the ground but this was the first time it had leaked. At any rate, I extended both front to make the front lift up. I removed the front...
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    WRS325FNAH01 Whirlpool Refrigerator light dim

    My 5 years old whirlpool refrigerator all lights are dim today. What is the problem? How to solve this problem?
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    Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW5550XW2 Lid Lock Issue

    Hi there, I recently ran into an issue with my Whirlpool Cabrio washer. Upon attempting to do any task with the machine will result in the washer engaging the lid lock and stopping indefinitely during the sensing phase after disengaging the lid lock once more; I do hear what appears to be the...
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    FIXED WRF767SDHZ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator LED's are not working on the top/ceiling of the inside

    Hi, My LED lights are not working on the top/ceiling of the inside but work on sidewalls. I unplugged but there was no change. 5 LED lights total. I reviewed earlier posts on Whirlpool LED lights. Any suggestions?
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    FIXED Whirlpool top load Washer WTW4816FW2 screeching noise when agitator spins one way only

    Hello all! About 2 weeks ago my whirlpool top load washer started making a terrible squealing noise when in cycle. I found its when the agitator is trying to spin one direction. It does not make the sound the other direction. Model number- WTW4816FW2 https://streamable.com/08xa6e...
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    FIXED Whirlpool WRF991BOOM01 Ice maker doesn’t work, water doesn’t dispense

    Hello! not going to kid myself, I have not a clue what I’m doing but hey, we learn this way. WRF991BOOM01 Side by side with freezer on bottom. ice maker doesn’t work. water doesn’t dispense. deli drawer unit doesn’t work. temps are 37/0. I’ve ran test 57, it times out. test 56 won’t do...
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    FIXED WDF750SAYB0 Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwasher - Circulator Pump not working

    The dishwasher is a 2014 Whirlpool Gold Series WDF750SAYB0. So lets start off that the dishwasher not only leaked water into our basement not once but two times due to my wife ignoring the water on the floor and running another load. After I noticed the water in the basement one evening, the...

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