will not agitate

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    FIXED GE washer top load GTWP1800D2WW will not agitate

    I have a washer GE Stopped to agitate and spin When I pull timer shifter starts to click, if push timer back, shifter is still clicking On inverter board/motor 3 times flash I replaced the motor, shifter stopped to click Washer fills up with water and then nothing happen, then drain and spin...
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    Roper RTW4440XQ0 Will Fill and Do Nothing Else

    My Roper RTW4440XQ0 will fill with water, but will not agitate, spin or drain. It is making no noise whatsoever and has no smell whatsoever. I took it apart. The lid switch is fine. The timer is fine. the drain hoses and drain pump are fine. the motor and the motor coupling are fine. The...
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