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    Haier Wine Cellar WS200GSWC200GS

    Haier Wine Cellar WS200GS I've received a Haier undercounter wine chiller, model WC200GS, for servicing. The tech label is missing. No tech info at Haier website for this model. Anyone know the maximum ounces of r134a refrigerant this thing requires? For obvious reasons, please don't guess.
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    Vintotemp VT32 wine cellar -- Quick-Flash Zero on Control Panel

    My Vinotemp VT32 wine cellar stopped running. The control panel quick-flashes "0"; buttons are non-responsive; compressor isn't running. I've never seen this sort of thing before. Anyone know if this is a trouble-code for this make/model; and what a zero quick-flash indicates? As an aside...
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    RW46N1DSD Hisense wine cooler not cooling

    Neighbor gave me his hisense wine cooler for free the other day and said it was only a year or two old, but needed a sensor replaced and was unsure what sensor. Once unit is plugged in, it seems all the components work, aside from the cooling. After a while of it trying to cool the unit beeps...
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    Silhouette Professional wine cooler DWC053D1BSSPR not cooling

    Hello experts, I have a Silhouette Professional wine cooler (DWC053D1BSSPR) which stopped cooling a few weeks ago. It has power and shows "Hi" Temperature. I plugged it yesterday and it worked for a couple hours and then stopped cooling again. I noticed that the compressor was working...
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    FIXED Magic Chef Wine Cooler MCWC50DST not cooling

    After my Magic Chef wine cooler stopped cooling (still power for the light,) I replaced the PTC starter and overload without success. Then, by jumping the brown and red on the control board, the compressor came on. I then put the frig on a timer (30 min on/30 min off). However, after a while...
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    Allavino VSWR56 Wine Cooler not cooling

    I have a 2 year old Allavino VSWR56 that stopped cooling sometime in the past few couple of weeks. Checked the vents and drain lines, all clear and free of dust. Opened it up, evaporator clear. No ice buildups anywhere. It powers on, fan runs, I check voltages and it appears there is no...
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    Sanyo SR-W4500(M) Wine Cooler - Starter Relay / Overload Protector Replacement

    Hi Everyone 😀, I just bought a new overload protector (B57-120) and a new Starter Relay QP2-4.7G12 to repair my Sanyo SR-W4500(M) Wine Cooler, but I have one small issues..... I forgot where to connect which wire..... Could anyone help me? I've been looking online for the manual but can't find...
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    FIXED Marvel/Viking VUWC151RSS Wine Cooler - Need SSAC Control Dip Switch Settings

    Marvel/Viking VUWC151RSS Wine Cooler The SSAC thermostat control (p/n: PW240028) has a four dip switch block on it. I need the dip switch settings table. If you have this information, please respond to this post with it. Note to site admin: add Marvel and Viking to the brand database.
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    Sourcing Run Capacitor -- Viking Wine Cellar

    I have a Viking 15in under counter wine cellar (their term) model 30WC-6501. I'm having difficulty sourcing a replacement run capacitor for this thing. It's unlikely I can get the exact replacement component for this 16yo appliance. But it is likely a spec-compatible capacitor will work, if I...
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    KUWS24LSBS03 Kitchenaid Wine Cooler not cooling - need confirmation that is a system error

    I have a Kitchenaid wine cooler, model KUWS24LSBS03 and it is no longer cooling. In fact the temperatures are quite high in both the upper and lower levels. They are in the mid 70"s. The unit has power and the dome light illuminates when the door opens. I have taken this unit apart and checked...
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    Whirlpool wine cooler WWC2687BLS: compressor only starts once

    My 6-year old whirlpool wine cooler will only start a compressor cycle after being unplugged and then plugged back in. Even then, it only completes one cycle, bringing the temp down nicely, but then never starts another cycle as long as it remains plugged in. I have already tried replacing the...
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    MCWBC77DZC Magic Chef Dual Zone Wine/Beverage Cooler - Need Diagnostic Advice

    Hi, I've had this Magic Chef dual-zone beverage cooler for a little less than 2 years and have had to repair it twice (so I'm aware that it's not the best built cooler, but would prefer not to replace it just yet if I can repair it or under $100). First time it was repaired under warranty (one...
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    WCR5104DZD Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler

    The unit has dual digital display and I noticed that they were both at 80 degrees; I'd had improper cooling issues resolved by turning the unit off for a day (probably to defrost). But now the symptoms are: - I turn it off for a while, turn it back on and it get to temperature, but then slowly...
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    Danby Wine Cooler, Not cooling

    Hi I have a Danby wine cooler, model DBC514BLS The fridge is not staying cool. From what I can tell all the fan are running, the power works ok. And I can change the temperture on the display. I brought it in from my freezing cold garage today. And i set the temperature to 4°C and it started...
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    FIXED GE Monogram Wine Cooler not Cooling

    So this unit stopped cooling about 6 weeks ago. Compressor runs and fan motor spins just fine. I called a local A/C shop and they came out and put a freon charging port into the line and put in some R-134a. The unit started cooling again. Flash forward to yesterday. It no longer cools...
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    Best appliance store near Toronto

    I've been to a lot of furniture stores / appliance stores before, but my experience with Goemans stands out above the rest. Unlike the Brick, Leons who will always try to push you whatever they have on sale... Goemans Appliance will make sure to only recommend the best appliance for you, and not...
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    DWC512BLS Danby wine fridge has power but not cooling

    Hi, I have a Danby Silhouette 51 bottle wine fridge that no longer cools. Actually it stopped cooling after about 3.5-4 years so I put it in the garage as a "project", but only recently started working on it. Sheesh. While I'd love to get it running, I also like to tinker and am curious to...
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    Kitchenaid Wine Cooler KUWS246ESS0

    Our wine cooler doesn't run. Compartment light comes on so it has power. Is there a way to check/change the compressor relay or check/change the thermostat? Other tips?
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