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    FIXED Haier Wine Cellar WS200GSWC200GS maximum ounces of r134a refrigerant

    Haier Wine Cellar WS200GS I've received a Haier undercounter wine chiller, model WC200GS, for servicing. The tech label is missing. No tech info at Haier website for this model. Anyone know the maximum ounces of r134a refrigerant this thing requires? For obvious reasons, please don't guess.
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    Vintotemp VT32 wine cellar -- Quick-Flash Zero on Control Panel

    My Vinotemp VT32 wine cellar stopped running. The control panel quick-flashes "0"; buttons are non-responsive; compressor isn't running. I've never seen this sort of thing before. Anyone know if this is a trouble-code for this make/model; and what a zero quick-flash indicates? As an aside...
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    FGWC52L3TS Frigidaire wine fridge not cooling

    Good afternoon everyone! I’m new here so I hope this is the right spot to post this. I recently received a wine fridge for free from a lady because it’s not cooling and she didn’t have the time or energy to deal with it it seems. It is basically brand new and seems to have not cooled from the...
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    Vinotemp VT32 - Help Troubleshooting Wine Fridge

    Hey all, I bought a wine fridge off CL for $30 that has some issues (thus the $30). The seller said it "may need some freon added", but I have no idea. I thought it'd be a cool project to get it up and running since these things are pretty pricey normally. The fridge is a Vinotemp VT32, and...
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    Avanti Wine Fridge WCR682SS-2-- no power

    Hi all, I've had two of these wine fridges for about 5 years and I saw the lights on one of them flickering the other night and then the next day no power at all. No lights, no fan, no cooling. The other fridge plugged into the same surge protector seems to be operating as normal. I bought a...
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    Danby Silhouette Select DWC93BLSST Wine Fridge No Longer Cools

    Hi All, I have a Danby Silhouette Select DWC93BLSST wine fridge which no longer cools. The interior lights work, the thermostat display is on, the interior evaporator fan runs and the cooling fan for the condenser coils runs. The condenser coils are clean. I can hear the compressor relay click...
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    FIXED Marvel/Viking VUWC151RSS Wine Cooler - Need SSAC Control Dip Switch Settings

    Marvel/Viking VUWC151RSS Wine Cooler The SSAC thermostat control (p/n: PW240028) has a four dip switch block on it. I need the dip switch settings table. If you have this information, please respond to this post with it. Note to site admin: add Marvel and Viking to the brand database.
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    Sourcing Run Capacitor -- Viking Wine Cellar

    I have a Viking 15in under counter wine cellar (their term) model 30WC-6501. I'm having difficulty sourcing a replacement run capacitor for this thing. It's unlikely I can get the exact replacement component for this 16yo appliance. But it is likely a spec-compatible capacitor will work, if I...
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    DWC512BLS Danby wine fridge has power but not cooling

    Hi, I have a Danby Silhouette 51 bottle wine fridge that no longer cools. Actually it stopped cooling after about 3.5-4 years so I put it in the garage as a "project", but only recently started working on it. Sheesh. While I'd love to get it running, I also like to tinker and am curious to...

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