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    FIXED 970-606223 Kenmore Range, burned out wire, where to buy wire harness

    Hi everyone, I have a Kenmore Range, Model No. 970-606223 (Note, someone said that this type is a Canadian version, you cannot find it in the most websites. Also it might be true because I do live in Canada). As you can see that I have L1 (black) wire has been burned out, and H1 (orange, left)...
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    Samsung Dryer DV42H5200EP/A3 wire to heating element melted

    Samsung dryer, less than 5 years old. In the last year, I have replaced the motor (bad centrifugal switch), then the pulley failed. (thanks, Appliance Blog!) Now a wire has melted from the main harness to the heating element. (See blue wire in photo). I am wondering: should I be concerned with...
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    FIXED FWT445GES2 Replacement door lock assembly does not match existing harness plugs

    Hello Friends. I have a 17+ year old Frigidaire washer. I ordered a new OEM door lock assembly #131763256, as per picture. The part #s cross reference. But it looks like the replacement door lock needs a new harness to work, which costs $257 with the lock (!!!!!)...
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    MFX2570AEM4 Maytag Ice Maker not getting water

    • Water dispenser works fine with good pressure • Replaced dual inlet valve • Line from valve to ice maker is clear • T and H test works fine but no water cycle at end Based on my research, it sounds like I need to maybe look at wire harness. Any help anyone can give on this?