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    FFCT1378LS Frigidaire Convection microwave will not heat food when microwaving

    So this counter top model still bakes but will not heat food when microwaving. When i opened it up the black wire was snapped and fried crispy. Any ideas about what to replace on this? It cant be as simple as reconnecting the wire, right? It made it about a month outside the warranty. I was...
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    FIXED RSG257AARS Freezer Door Wire harness - how to replace it?

    Hi After seeing an intermittent "PC Er" on the front control panel, sometimes it would go away with a freezer door open/close. Then it went on solid. It's a Micom communication error. After checking the connectors and not clearing the error, I opened the back Main PCB cover. I then did a...
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    FIXED KUDS30IXSS7 Melted control panel / wire harness connector help!

    Hi - My 6 year old dishwasher started smoking. Sure enough, the control panel was burnt out and melted. I ordered and received the $200 replacement part, but now I see that the one large 4 pin connector that plugs into the control panel is also melted. I would rather avoid replacing the...