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    FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF30HBEDBSR/AA Flex Zone Wiring Question - Bimetal wires?

    I had to replace the connector that attaches to the Flex Zone control board. The wire bundle is DA96-00641B and runs inside the Flex Zone Door. The Flex Zone Temperature Control Board was fried and damaged the female connector that plugs into as well. I removed the metal pins from it and spliced...
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    LG Dryer DLG8388NM - What is this part called and how do I find it?

    I replaced the gas valve in my LG Tromm dryer. And it still won't work. I'm pretty sure it's because the plastic part that connects the wires to the plug is burned and needs to be replaced. Can someone tell me where I can find one of these or what type or model or something I need to order one...
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    KFIV29PCMS03 KitchenAid French Door Bottom Freezer Ice and Water dispenser is Not making Ice Anymore

    Found my KitchenAid Refrigerator not producing Ice one day, Everything else worked fine. Unplugged fridge and plugged back in and still no luck. Troubleshooting: 1) Ice Level Shutoff - No Red Light on (not sure if this is normal) Replaced both Ice Level Sensor board & Emitter Board - Still...
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    MFF2258VEM Maytag french door - wire plug pulled off, need help with which wire goes where

    This is a unique one - while removing the left french door of my fridge it slipped, and some wires pulled out of its plug... There is a wire (with blue and white, and green wires) with the blue and white wires ending in a plug, and the green going to a screw (ground). The plug plugs into a...
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    LGEF3043KFH Control Board / Wiring Harness questions

    During troubleshooting of why my Bake feature wasn't working I found some melted wiring on my control board. It seems obvious that I need to replace the wiring harness but my first question is given the pictures and extent of damage does it seem that I should replace the control board as...