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    FIXED Whirlpool Electric Stove Model WFC150M0EB0 stopped working after being plugged in (Clipped Terminal / Red Connection) PHOTOS INCLUDED

    I bought a used Whirlpool Model WFC150M0EB0 because my other stove kept burning the food. I plugged it in. (black, white, red and green wires from plug to stove) It worked fine (the stove top, the clock, etc) but when moving it against the wall, sparks few from outlet and heard a sizzle then...
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    1950 GE combination fridge wiring problem - Model NH-10-GC

    Hey guys i am having a problem with my 1950 GE combination fridge. My problem is that the fridge will turn on and get cold and the freezer will get down to -15F if i let it. But the compressor wont shut off. I have already replaced the condenser fan and freezer control trying to fix problem...