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    FIXED LP to NG Conversion Wolf Gourmet AS30KI-4 (1999)

    Good Day, Purchased a pre-owned 30" Wolf Gourmet AS30KI-4 range. This was manufactured in October 1999 about six months before Sub Zero bought the brand. Looks to be in nice condition and seller stated such. Just picked up so have not even had a chance to plug in, still sitting in van. If...
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    FIXED DF366 Wolf dual fuel range takes 1 hour to pre-heat

    I Just bought a used 36" dual fuel (electric oven) range and it takes about an hour to preheat to 350F. Is this normal? I had a cheap whirlpool I replaced which literally took about 10-15 minutes and if I wanted to bake something quick I would be done within 30-45 minutes and that's including...
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    Is a 19 year old Wolf dual fuel 36" range worth buying?

    Hello, I fund a 36" perfect condition dual fuel wolf range I'd like to buy. Problem is, the range build date is 2003... and seller won't budge off $6500 for it. Range looks perfect, it seems to have been refurbished. I'm just hesitant about a 19 year old range specially when wolf only keeps...
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    Wolf Dual Fuel DF48 Oven Temperature stops at 350

    Wolf Dual Fuel oven temp while in Bake mode set to 350, will rise to 350 and all the while the display switches back and forth from the set temperature (350) to the actual temp as it heats. Once it reaches set temp red light goes out (no longer calling for heating element) and signal sounds to...
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    Wolf CP36 G/S Gas Cooktop 1 igniter has failed.

    I have a Wolf gas range, CP36 G/S. No oven is attached. One of the burners has had a problem for a while, I turn that burner on and the spark unit sparks, the gas starts and lights, but the spark lighter keeps clicking and sparking. Yesterday, that one burner did not ignite...
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    Old wolf parts

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have a general question about OLD Wolf range/ovens. Does anyone know a reasonably reliable source for parts on these? I have a four burner gas range/oven (36") with a salamander and I can't find ignition modules or ignition switches for it. I'm told it was a...

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