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    Kenmore dishwasher 665.15639000 water is filled but does not go to next cycle

    Hi experts and friends. I need some help to troubleshoot the problem, thank you. Kenmore dishwasher, model 665.15639000, stopped working while it was in the middle of cycle yesterday. I might have smelled something burning from the dish washer but not for sure. Here is observation. 1. Red...
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    FIXED CDT835SSJ0SS Door closed won’t start

    I press start, it says close door, and I close the door and then it waits a second and says to Press start and close door. Does not start. I have replaced the door latch. That worked, but the problem came back. Is there a hard reset for this model? What is the next replacement I should try...
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    Roper REX5634KQ1 Dryer not starting, sparked at starter switch

    Hey all, My Roper REX5634KQ1 dryer is not starting. I bought it used and it did run while the door is open, so I know the door switch has already been bypassed. I replaced the starter switch and that fixed it temporarily, but the next week, it would not start again. When I pressed the start...
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    Kenmore He2T No water comes in, "add a garment" light never goes off

    Good morning y'all. I was given a kenmore he2t washer for use with livestock. Not interested in dumping a bunch of money in it. Just wanted to see if you all have any ideas. Ive got it hooked up and level but its never run water in. Control panel changes setting and start and pause/ cancel...
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    FIXED NED7200TW won t start

    Dryer control lights up and seems to function normally. Slight click when pressing start but dryer does not spin. Panel seems like it is drying and pauses of you open door. All settings appear normal.