won't heat up

  1. shadow2556

    MDG9700AWW Maytag gas dryer won't heat up air

    I have a Maytag Neptune MDG9700AWW gas dryer. The machine is about 15 years old. Recently It can't seem to heat up air. The igniter glows red, ignites gas, but the flame quickly subsides. About a minute later, the cycle repeats. The air is not even warm. What I have done: 1) Air vent was...
  2. L

    FIXED Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Electric Won't Heat Up

    Hello, everyone: I unplugged my oven to do some remodeling in the kitchen. Ever since we plugged it back in, the control panel has not worked correctly. When we plug it in, nothing at all shows on the display, even though the light inside the oven works perfectly, both with its switch and...
  3. S

    KA electric oven broil, bake elements don't heat

    Hi, and thanks in advance for all the help you provide. I could not find help for a similar sort of problem in the Kitchenaid forum, so I'll post a new item. This slide-in range has power, and the stove-top works fine. For no apparent reason, however, the oven stopped working recently. I had...

    WHIRLPOOL ACCUBAKE - Bake element not heating up

    I have an Accubake model# RBS245PDB12 electric built in wall oven. The broil element glows red, but the bake element only gets warm to touch it will not get to the set temperature. Do you know what it could be?:confused: