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  1. W

    LXR7244JQ1 Whirlpool Washer buzzes, motor does not engage

    Hello! I have a whirlpool LXR7244JQ1 washer that went on the fritz last night. The washer stopped mid-cycle, and when it attempts to restart the cycle, it buzzes and then quits. It does not sound like the motor attempts to engage at all. We have had an issue with this washer for years where...
  2. paulbram

    FIXED GE GDT695SSJ0SS Won't Start, flashing with 815 error code

    Hello, My GE GDT695SSJ0SS flashes for 10 seconds with an 815 error code. It really appears like the door is making a solid connection however. I checked the control board and I'm not seeing any green LED's flashing at all. Does this mean I should replace my control board? Or is it possible my...
  3. R

    WED6200SW0 Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer F2 & Thermal Fuse?

    Hi everyone. I need help! I have an old Cabrio dryer. The Start button wouldn't press, so the machine wouldn't start. I called the 1800 number and went over the issue with the woman I spoke with over the phone and she said I need a new thermal fuse. I tried to order it- but the person I spoke to...
  4. T

    VGSCS364GSS Viking Oven Only Starts After Slamming Door

    Everything on our range works EXCEPT that the oven is finicky and won't start unless I open the door and shut it firmly. Even with that, sometimes we can't get it to start. When I say that it won't start, the oven acts as if I haven't turned it on. No clicking, no lights, no other audible...
  5. M

    RDDB301 Viking Dishwasher No lights won't start beeps 3 times

    This is a Viking D3, RDDB301 dishwasher. I have had it for a for I think a little under 10 years. It won't start at all. When I press any of the control buttons excluding the start button no led will light but it will beep 3 times every time. The start button will do the reset. It will run the...
  6. J

    WCRE6270D1WW won't start - stop/start button dead??

    Our GE WCRE6270D1WW with stainless steel tub does a great job on our clothes but now it won't start. The push button start/stop switch has been persnickety over the past few months but I fear that it has finally bitten the big one. The green panel lights come on when I adjust the cycle settings...
  7. R

    DU1014XTXQ5 Whirlpool won't start

    Had a burning plastic odor now lights on the panel show but buttons do not work. There is a small section of the heater core where the coating is corroded so that has to be replaced. Would this cause the odor or am I looking at an additional problem? Thanks
  8. B

    MDB7609AWS1 Maytag Dishwasher won't start

    Hi, I have power to the control panel, but pressing the start button doesn't result in the cycle starting. I changed the door switch, didn't resolve the issue. I checked the thermal fuse, & it has continuity. Please help! Thanks.
  9. J

    Kenmore 665.15112K214 dishwasher not starting

    Hi, I am new to this blog, but I like what I have read. I hope you can help figure out my dishwasher issue. I have a Kenmore dishwasher Model 665.15112K214 It does not start and I cannot figure out how to get into the diagnostic mode or how to diagnose it without the codes. I have working...
  10. B

    FIXED Just replaced pump, now washer won't start.

    A couple weeks ago I started noticing some water pooling beneath my washing machine, and, being a semi-confident diy-er whenever possible, I turned to the internet for answers. After scanning a few threads on this forum I was able to determine that the pump needed replacing (thanks, guys!), so I...
  11. M

    GE Select Timed Dry Not Shutting Off then Not Staying On

    A couple months ago I cleaned out the exhaust hose. A couple weeks ago the timed dry stopped working. It was on for several hours while we were out. Oops. Since that time it will not shut off on it's own. In the last two days it has started shutting off (timer still doesn't work). We've...
  12. I

    Speed Queen Dryer Won't Start

    Hi guys, long time no see! My dryer is natural gas, if that matters. This started a couple of weeks ago, like this: I pushed the timer to start it, and it made a buzzing noise before it started. Then it ran a few times just fine, then did it again. Then one day it would not start, it just...
  13. D

    Whirlpool a Dryer won't start?

    I have made some progress with this issue. First according to my research was to check the thermal fuse. It tested bad and so did the start switch. Door switch is fine. However I am new to testing connectivity. When I tested the sart switch I noticed 3 prongs so I tested the 2 vertical ones. Not...
  14. J

    Quiet Partner III "d3" error?

    This forum is wonderful and you all should congratulate yourselves for the information and help offered here. It really is a great resource. Now... please help! I have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner III that has functioned flawlessly for ~8 years. On Sunday, it was filled with dirty dishes and I...
  15. J

    ATW4675YQ My Admiral top-loading washer won't start

    Hello, My washer seems to have gotten into a "weird state" where nothing I do will start it. Something like this happened once before, where I canceled a cycle and then could not start it again. At that time, I talked to an employee at Home Depot (it was on the weekend and Maytag is not open...
  16. T

    Not thermal fuse, now what?

    Hi. I found a previous post and it sounded like my thermal fuse was bad, we tested it and it has continuity. What's my next step? The display works, all the buttons work and looks normal, but nothing happens when I push start. It worked fine until one time i pushed start, heard a noise (kind of...
  17. G

    Maytag Quiet Series 300 MDB8600AWB will not start

    I have a Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher, Model # MDB8600AWB, that will not start. I have done the following: Downloaded Service Manual (Both 8 Page and 80+ Page Manuals) Reviewed Manual and this Forum for Similar Problems Started Sales Floor Demo Mode - All Lights Light Up as described in...
  18. V

    Kenmore Dryer model # 110.67732794 - seems like there's a short somewhere?

    I have an older model Kenmore dryer that is making me sigh heavily. The light inside doesn't come on when you open the door - that's not really a problem though. I only mention it as a symptom. This morning, I was throwing some clothes in when the light flashed on/off quickly then the dryer...
  19. E

    FIXED Maytag Neptune won't start

    Serial# 69791749ZH. All lights/options on control panel work except start/pause, and signal. I've got schematic Mini-manual and in service mode hot/cold water valves, bleach, fabric softener, drain pump, spin, door lock and unlock work. Any further troubleshooting ideas or possibilities jump to...
  20. F

    FIXED Kenmore Dryer 110.76656100 won't start

    Our dryer stopped working suddenly today. Wife heard a pop. We were too far away to determine anything more (around the corner in the kitchen). Now it won't start. I have tested everything in it. (2 Thermostats on air flow box and 1 on Heating Element box, front door switch, start switch...