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  1. R

    GE GDF610PGJ5WW dishwasher won't start, just beeps

    My GE GDF610PGJ5WW dishwasher won't start when the button is pressed while the door is close. It started when I interrupted an ongoing cycle by opening the door. When I tried to restart or start a new cycle, it beeps as if the door is open. I unplugged power to unit overnight. I cleaned the...
  2. S

    665.13463K902 Kenmore dishwasher won't start

    I have replaced the thermal fuse 3 times before i discovered the reset code, heated, normal, heated, normal. It worked enough to drain the water, i then found that i could run the rinse cycle but that was all. If i tried normal wash the lights would flash and the drying light stayed on all the...
  3. R

    GS563LXSS0 Whirlpool oven and broiler wont fire PLEASE HELP!

    My oven burner and broiler stopped working (stovetop is fine). I ordered and replaced the spark control module and the oven & broiler still dont work. When I try to turn on the broiler, i can hear the usual 2 clicks but it doesnt ignite. When i turn on the bake, i dont hear any clicks at all and...
  4. W

    Samsung WF42H5000AW/A2 01 wont run cycle

    My Samsung front loading washer (WF42H5000AW/A2 01) will not run a cycle or fill up with water. It will turn on fine. I can turn the dial to different cycles. No error codes. When I hit start, it'll act like it is going to start the cycle, there's a faint hum, the loud click to lock the door...
  5. me_rubin

    MDG8400AWW Dryer now wont start. Even after lifting knob

    Our Gas Maytag Dryer has been working for a long time.It is a Maytag Atlantis Model MDG8400AWW Serial 2289720CV. For the last 3 years to start the dryer, besides just pulling on the Knob to start normally, we had to pull and pull up to get it to start. That was a work around for about 3...
  6. T

    SHE3AR52UC Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher not starting, makes noise at startup.

    Hello All, Newbie here. I just recently started experiencing issues with my dishwasher. I first noticed that it didn't complete a cycle. So, I reset the Cycle and attempted to start a new wash. I get a noise as though its trying to start but after 4 or 5 sounds the Clean light is lit. I did...
  7. F

    Kenmore 665.15112K213 has lights and acts normal but will not start.

    My Dishwasher acts normal all of the buttons respond correctly. The only this is when I press Start it will it does nothing. I can press start again and it flashes 3 times and does nothing.
  8. M

    Whirlpool Duet Dryer stuck on sensing.

    I have a Whirlpool Duet dryer that came with our house when we bought it (the house). We've had it for 2 years but I dont know when it was bought. The other day it would start up and is stuck in sensing mode. Ive ran the moisture sensor test and it came back with a code 09 can anyone help me...
  9. K

    Kenmore Ultra Wash QuietGuard Deluxe Wont Start

    Dishwasher will not start. All of the buttons light up when pressed with exception of: Normal Wash, High Temp, Cancel Drain, and Start. The other buttons seem to work. But even when a working button lights up (ex, Pots and Pans), the Start button will not work. I've turned the breaker off for 5...
  10. C

    FIXED Duet Dryer wont start

    Model GGW9200LW1 - DRIVE MOTOR WILL NOT START. I can turn it by hand either way but it wont start. I can hear the relay in the top left click in when the start button is pressed. It beeps once like normal but no start. Ran control panel LED diagnostics and all check out fine. Individual tests of...
  11. D

    thank you

    We read your post regarding our Kenmore Elite dryer not working- We bought the part you recommended it was a fuse- took the dryer apart had the fuse checked it was not working- went to our local appliance parts place and for $22.00 bucks my husband fixed it.. thank you so much for the help this...
  12. H

    FIXED Kenmore Model 665.17593200 wont drain and wont start

    Hi all, this is my first post here, I just joined the site because the forums I read appeared very helpful. Today, I came home to a diswasher with about 2" of water in the bottom. The dishes were clean from the night before. I can press any of the cycle option buttons, and they all appear to...
  13. T

    FIXED MDB7759AWS2 Dishwasher Flashing 'Clean' and WON'T START

    Well I did some searching, and most solutions to issues as I am having, "Dishwasher Will Not Start", have been answered with something like 'call the repairman its under warranty', 'its probably the control panel'. Here is what I can observe. So the 'clean' light is flashing 7 quick times...
  14. S

    Dryer Won't Start

    My Dryer will allow me to choose the option of what kind of cycle I want and it will tell me how long the cycle will take but when I hit the Start button the 3 lights(that tell you what part of the cylce is currently in progress) will blink and it will beep until you let go of the button. The...
  15. H

    (wed5530sq0) Drum will not turn

    Drum will not turn / Dryer heat comes on - but button to spin just goes 'click' / checked for lint - clear / there is some black on heat vent inside / took everything apart and researched to find that issue may be that the 'thermal fuse' is blown / so replaced with (3392519 Whirlpool Dryer...
  16. C

    FIXED HELP!!! Duet dryer lights up but will not start

    Duet GEW9200LW0 model. Was drying clothes, heard it make tick noise and display still lit up but will not start. Minutes light up with sensing light on and when you press start it just beeps and clicks but will not do anything. Dryer is about 6-7 years old. Check door and it is fine (time blinks...