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    665.15972992 Kenmore dishwasher drain pump will not turn off

    Old Kenmore Elite, repaired many times. During the drain cycle, the water moves fine, but the pump won't turn off when complete. This occurs at the end of the wash cycles and the quick rinse cycle. The pump is fine. I'm assuming there is some type of sensor that detects when the water in the...
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    MEDE300VF0 Maytag Electric Dryer Will Not Stop Tumbling

    Electric Maytag Front Loading Dryer, Model MEDE300VF0, dries fine. No problems with drying. However, the tumbler does not to shut off. The dryer will keep tumbling unless the door is left open. Power button display shows it is off, but tumbler will keep going. I've seen research mentioning...
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    Neptune TL Washer will not complete any cycle.

    I had the issue where the washer would not spin and would shake violently. I replaced the clutch and all is good. Ran well for a few weeks. Now I have a new issue; it will not stop washing. Put it on at night, check it before going off to bed and it was at 44 min. Woke up the next day and...