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    Whirlpool Gold WRF736SDAM11 leaking around ceiling water filter

    Hello, We have the Whirlpool Gold WRF736SDAM11 fridge at the house and it has been leaking for some time now from the area where you hook up the water filter. Just goes drip, drip and we put a small dish under it but I'd like to fix it once and for all now. The water filter has the two small...
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    FIXED WRF736SDAM11 Water Dispenser stopped working, Burning smell of Circuits.

    Was doing a long draw of water on my fridge after replacing the filters in my reverse osmosis with a pump( ran water through the filters before hooking it up to the fridge to cleanse the filters) i do not use the built in water filter for this fridge. while i was doing the long draw of water...