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    JGBP90MEB3BC Gas flow to range top issue

    GE XL44 has performed great over it's life. However recently the stove top burners take several minutes and several tries to light. Often they just will not light. Igniters are sparking fine but the gas is not flowing. Turning on and off the over or broiler will often get them to start, but...
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    FIXED JGBS22BEA2WH GE XL44, oven won't light up. But igniter glows.

    Hi, The oven on our range stopped working. The burners do work but the oven doesn't. Upon inspection the igniter glows orange but it seems no gas is coming out and hence burner won't light. Since typically the igniters are the ones that fail, could it be that it's not glowing enough to light...