yellow flame

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    FIXED Whirlpool Range WEG745H0FS0 Front burners -yellow flame/ soot

    I have a 4 year old Whirlpool Natural gas slide in range that started acting up a year or two ago. The front two burners have hard time lighting off (I have to lift the burner cap slightly to get it to light off) also the flame is lazy yellow and soots up the pots. The back and center burners...
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    Yellow flame & black soot on pots (WEG745H0FS natural gas stove)

    We have a 3-year old Whirlpool Natural Gas stove that needs some help. It is connected to Natural Gas and was working fine for past few years. Over the past few months, there are two problems with only the two large front burners: 1. Yellow flame tips covering bottom of pots/pans with black...
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