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Thread: He2 Error Codes

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    Default He2 Error Codes

    Here is a list of HE2 Washer error codes.. Just a note if the washer just constantly pumps out and nothing else the pressure switch is bad.. If it comes on and then stops and after a min comes on again and stops and this repeats check for loose wire on motor control board 3 wire connector on top middle comes loose
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    Thanks Bam for posting the HE2 Error Codes, I made it a sticky, so it remains on the top of the forum here.

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    Default F21 error on Sears front-load

    I'm pretty sure I have a blockage, as water is trickling out. How do I get to the pump filter? please advise, thank you

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    Default Finding/cleaning the filter

    Once the washer is empty, you can prop up the front of the washer. (I use a couple of canned goods.) With the front propped up, you can undo the three screws that attach the front plate at the bottom-front of the washer. Remove the plate and on your right you'll see a cylinder with an inset handle on it. This is the cover of the filter. (Before unscrewing it, lay down some old towels to absorb any water that might come out.) Unscrew it counter-clockwise. (It can be quite hard to undo, be patient.) Pull the filter all the way out. You should be able to remove any items/gunk that have become trapped. I usually wash off the filter by hand with dishwashing detergent while I have it out. Reverse the instructions to put everything back together. I have two kids and have had to do this procedure about 3 or 4 times now. Works every time.
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