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106.50042712 Kenmore Refrigerator Filter problem?


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May 22, 2023
Raleigh NC
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I recently read another thread about my same model making weird noises like a pump malfunction when dispensing water. I need to go one step further…about 2 weeks ago, I changed my filter with a brand new oem cartridge. Everything was fine until 2 nights ago. The water started to trickle and it made those stuttering noises.

That’s when I found your thread about that similar problem and the answer was just to replace the filter. You spoke about an automatic bypass with it out to see if there was a water line problem. I pulled the filter out and pressed the dispenser. Water came out just fine. Strong steady stream. I put the same brand new filter back in and the problem started to happen again.

How can I tell if my issue is the same? I don’t want to replace the expensive filter I just bought with another one if at all possible! Could there be another issue?

I forgot to say, my ice maker seems to be working fine.

Any guidance would be appreciated! It’s only a couple years old!
Did you put your old water filter back in and see if it did the same as the new water filter? If not, try that and if it works fine with the old filter, then you got a defective new filter.

Here's the OEM water filter for your model:
EDR1RXD1 Water Filter

If your old filter is now doing the same as the new filter then the water filter housing is the problem.

Here's the water filter housing assembly for your model: Housing W11162041

If yours is grey, this is the one for your model: Housing W11162042
Thank you Jake! My first instinct was to put the old one back in, but since it had been weeks, I already discarded it.

Thank you for those part numbers! I suppose before I get involved in repair, it may be worth buying another filter to at least rule that out first. It may take me a couple of days to get one. I’ll report back my findings! Maybe there’s a small batch of faulty filters out there! That’s an easy fix! Thanks!
Ok, sounds good, let us know what happens.:)

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