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106.50522100 Kenmore Refrigerator water overflowing in icemaker.


Oct 17, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
1st timer here homeowner,
Kenmore coldspot refrigerator model # 106.50522100 replaced the triple water valve pn 2206123, replaced the icemaker pn 4317943 water is coming out of the ice molds when it fills with water. Any suggestions on what to go after next? No adjustments on valve assy, on the ice maker I adjusted the water set screw clockwise ( decreases water level)on both the old and the new still the same results. Its a 20 year old fridge but not willing to spend $1000 for a new fridge because of parts, yet... Thanks for answers.

Kenmore refrigerator water valve (1).jpg Kenmore refrigerator water valve (2).jpg
Kenmore refrigerator water valve (3).jpg
Kenmore refrigerator water valve (4).jpg
For the ice maker overfilling problem--->I've seen this many times on my service calls, the fill circuit strip wears down over time and starts overfilling the ice maker more and more.:)

You'd need to replace the ice maker to fix it. If you already replaced the ice maker, get a stopwatch and time how the long the fill time is, it should be 7 seconds, if not you got a defective ice maker.

Here's the Ice Maker assembly for your model:
4317943 Whirlpool Icemaker Kit

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