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106.53272300 Kenmore side by side freezer too cold


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Jan 5, 2017
vernon b.c.
Model Number
I have been told that my minus 30 temperature is because of the "cold control" This is a computer controlled board and I can't find the "computer and software user guide" referred to in the manual. Ihe diagnostic guide is supposed to be in the fridge but is not.
minus 30 temperature?
Celsius or Fahrenheit?

The temperature issue would either be caused by a bad thermistor or control board, thats the only parts that controls the temperature.

Have you tried just setting the freezer temperature setting warmer a number or two first?

The thermistor is #5.
(Click to enlarge)

Here's the thermistor for your model:
Thermistor WP2188819

Here's the temperature control board for your model:
8201527 Microcptr

Jake, thx for the reply. My thermistor appears to be a one inch diameter and 3/4 inch thick metal button with two wires. I have temperature tested it and it clicks on and off as the temperature changes so I wonder if the thermistor you suggested is really the right one. I will check and see what the board looks like. I have a picture but don't know how to send it. Bob
Yes Bob, its the OEM thermistor for your model.

THanks Jake . I have tried everywhere to find the diagnostic sheet for this fridge. It is supposed to be underneath (where I have thoroughly cleaned while servicing the water system) or in the control housing at the top of the refrigerator section. Not there. I would like t o be able to diagnose the problem before replacing the control board and thermistor. I guess in the worst case I would just replace the thermistor and hope that is the problem.

Can I test this thermistor by using a meter and checking it after it has been in the freezer. THis diagnostic sheet appears to be well guarded by Kenmore. Thanks for the help. Bob
What I had originally described to you was the defrost thermostat. I think the cold water test should answer the thermistor question. Am I correct? Thanks again. Bob
Yes Bob,

It should ohm at about 8.7K ohms +/- 5% when you put the thermistor is a cup of ice water for at least 5 minutes before testing.


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