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FIXED 106.54273300 Kenmore Coldspot ice maker and water dispenser not functioning


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Mar 25, 2014
Model Number
sticker says 9/2003

Refrigerator has been working fine, to my knowledge. It's in my condo that I rent out. When the last tenants moved, it appeared everything was working, but that was 5 months ago and I can't really recall. They didn't exactly take care of my unit and I had a lot of repairs to manage until the new tenants moved in late January of this year. I remember there was ice in the dispenser when I cleaned the freezer and I changed the water filter, though I can't recall if I tested the dispenser at that point. :( Anyway, I turned the freezer and refrigerator off since it would sit unused for what ended up being 3 months.

When the new tenants moved in and I had turned everything back on, refrigeration and freezer worked fine but the icemaker and water dispenser no longer function. It's not making ice and no water is being dispensed. Everything appears hooked up as usual. I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. The tenants have said they've heard water running but still no ice or dispensable water. They have turned the ice maker off and locked the dispenser for fear of water leaking.

What can I do? Where do I start?

I always check customers water pressure before I do anything.

Pull your refrigerator out away from the wall, turn off your water supply line that goes to it, then take off your water supply line from the water inlet valve, then get a bucket, cup, bowl, etc to catch the water, then put your water supply line in the bucket and turn it on, your water stream should be really good with good water pressure, if not then the problem is in your plumbing water supply line, either a bad or clogged shut off valve.

If your water pressure checks good then your water inlet valve in the back of your refrigerator is likely bad OR the plastic water line tubing broke.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
Water Inlet Valve W10408179

I finally had a chance to look at this. the problem appears to be at the connector to the water line.

There is a PVC water line that runs from the main water valve to the refrigerator, and there is the water inlet line (similar to what is shown in the link you attached).

The connection between the PVC line and the water inlet line from the refrigerator appears to be leaking. this must have been yanked on at some point or mucked with and when it started leaking the tenant simply turned off the water and left it alone.

I turned the water on, water will come out of the dispenser but it leaves at this connection point.

I disassembled the lines and tried to tighten the connection but it seems like some part might be missing? the seal is not complete and water will still leak. here are a few images to illustrate the connection points. is there a valve or washer or something else that should be present on the water line from the refrigerator so it can seal with the PVC water line hose?


Btw, I didn't need an entirely new inlet hose. The part missing from the main water valve PCV line to the water line that runs to the refrigerator was a compression sleeve and brass insert. $1.44 part. everything works great, now. :)
That's good if all you needed was the compression sleeve and brass insert.

Thanks for the update.

Hi Jake,

I am experiencing a simular problem, I have a Kenmore Coldspot 106.52703100. The water is not dispensing, however the icemaker IS working. Would this still be a valve issue?
When you push the water dispenser lever do you hear your water dispenser switch clicking at all?

Ok, now you'll need to check for 120 volts at the electrical connector to the water inlet valve (water solenoid side).

Pull your refrigerator out from the wall, then remove the lower access panel then use a flat-head screwdriver or needle-nose pliers and pry the connector off the water inlet valve (water solenoid side), Then put your meter leads in that water dispenser side electrical connector and push the water dispenser lever and watch the meter for 120 volts.

If you get 120 volts, thats good, then put the electrical connector back on the solenoid and have someone press the water dispenser lever and put your hand on that solenoid to see if you feel it vibrating or humming, if so then remove the kickplate and you will see a plastic union connector, push-in on the push ring of that union connector and remove your plastic water line tubing and push the water dispenser lever and see if water comes out from there before it goes up into your freezer door to the water dispenser.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
Water Inlet Valve W10408179 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

The larger diameter tubing goes to your water dispenser, its the green solenoid in that photo.

That's good if all you needed was the compression sleeve and brass insert.

Thanks for the update.


And, 4 years later, the water line spontaneously split, spraying water everywhere and flooding my kitchen. I found this old post and your link to the water line that is exactly the one that I need. I ordered the part, however, I have one concern. The inlet goes from the valve to the water filter housing. To detach the old hose, I had to pop out this gray plastic piece that may or may not have assisted the line with staying inserted. Where can I find that grey insert? I'm not sure if this hose line will simply stay inserted without it. This is the 2nd inside hose line insertion point in this part:

Water Filter Housing WP2186443

Do I really have to buy a whole new housing unit or was the grey part a little cosmetic? The part is not broken, well, one tab broke when I was taking the tube out, and it could still be reusable. Thoughts?

You are referring to this gray ring below where the tubing line goes into it? If so yes, that is the compression ring that keeps that water tubing line in place.
Water Filter Housing WP2186443


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