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106.70282990 Freezer too warm/Fridge too cold


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Dec 26, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Working on a 22 year old Top-Mount Kenmore Refrigerator. Freezer and fridge are both around 27 degrees. Emptied and investigated behind freezer panel...no frost and defrost is working fine. Unplugged and blew out/vac'd out around condenser etc underneath.

Set dials to midway point, plugged back in and monitored. Everything kicked on and freezer quickly went to -9. Fridge kept cooling till it was back to 27-28 and then the freezer warmed to 27. Seems like as long as system was trying to cool the fridge, the freezer cooled properly but after fridge was cooled the freezer stopped cooling.

Corrected model number
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Model Number 70282990

That model number is incomplete. Please double check it. The complete model number may be 106.70282990

Fridge kept cooling till it was back to 27-28 and then the freezer warmed to 27.

When it's cooling both compressor and fans must be running. When it warms up, are the fans still running and just the compressor stops?

Dan O.
Correct...it is 106.70282990. Sorry about that. Nothing appears to be running now...it is just sitting and holding at about 30 in the fridge and 27 in the freezer.
In case it matters...this is a garage fridge and current temps are in the 20's, much cooler previous couple days. But this started a few days before the extreme cold.
In case it matters...this is a garage fridge

Yes it does. Your fridge looks to act upon the fridge compartment temperature as to whether it runs or not. If it never gets warm in the fridge compartment, the compressor will not run thereby causing the freezer to warm as well (eventually to the ambient air temperature).

Your fridge will not function properly in below freezing temperatures. Few will.

Dan O.

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