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106.72862100 Kenmore Noisy Compressor 2 Special Sounds BUT WORKS


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Jun 30, 2017
San Diego
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So I couldn't resist the free refrigerator on the list and they did say it was noisy. But it was so clean and outside and looking good I took it to my shop and plugged it in. Well, it gets cold and works but it has 2 unique sounds. I think both are from the compressor and one sounds like a rattle can but lower on the register and the other like the sound a washing machine makes when its off balance just before it goes crazy. This racket is fine for now but if I wanted to fix this and replace the compressor is it worth it in regards to equipment I need?

Kenmore Coldspot
Part # DA51C72RCU6
Uses R134a

I would need to buy the part and first recover the R134a I assume and then install and then put the R134a back in. I would like to learn how to do, but realistically can a good system be made with a propane tank, vaccum pump, and manifold gauge set from somebody like Harbor Freight what other equipment do I need to do this correctly? Plenty of bad videos on U-Tube that never really show the full process or what common errors are made.
Make a video of these sounds and upload it to Youtube, then embed the video here.

Yes, bad compressor, but consumers can't not replace compressors, because you need a refrigerant license.

You would also need a turbo torch, solder, flux, sandpaper, R-134a and a knowledge of how to change them. Its not something that you can do just by watching in a Youtube video, it takes practice to get good at doing this.


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