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Thread: Kenmore Coldspot 106.57572791 not dispensing water

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    Question Kenmore Coldspot 106.57572791 not dispensing water

    We just bought a house and the refrigerator that came with it is not dispensing water. The ice dispenser works fine. The water dispenser worked when we first looked at the house but not when we took possession. Given that the refrigerator just happened to stop working after we bought the house makes me wonder whether the previous owners removed something (like a water filter) when they left. I don't know if this model even has a water filter or where to find it or if the water dispenser requires it. The previous owners did not leave a manual. The water dispenser makes a slight buzzing noise when it is depressed. Could it be an electrical problem?
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    If there was something wrong with a filter you would not get water to the ice maker either....can you tell where the buzzing noise is coming from?? Could be from the water valve and it could have gone bad on the water side or the water line/water bladder behind the crispers on the food side could be frozen, see if the water bladder/line is frozen first then see if the buzzing could be the fill valve, follow the water line from the house to the frig to locate the valve behind the frig at the bottom, will have to pull the box out...

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    Here's the water inlet valve for your model:

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