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Thread: Kenmore 110.72042100 Turns on by itself

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    Default Kenmore 110.72042100 Turns on by itself

    My dryer, about six or seven years old now, has started to turn itself on rather mysteriously. No rhyme or reason to when it happens (middle of the night is not particularly enjoyable!). Any suggestions? Bad control panel or console maybe? Also, if it is one of those parts, is that something that is difficult to replace for a novice?

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    I remember having a service call just like this a few years ago, I remember I ordered the control panel assembly and the control board assembly, but can't remember which one was the problem part.

    Here's the control panel for your model:

    Here's the control board:

    You can order both and return the one you don't need for a full refund within 365 days.

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