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FIXED 110.13202200 Washer agitates, no spin (sometimes)


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Jan 24, 2023
MS, United States
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Discovered issue when it started taking 4-5 cycles to fully dry clothes. Didn't know they were putting sopping wet clothes out of the washer. Clothes may be "too heavy" for the spin cycle to work. Spins correctly on a near-empty or no load. Clutch?

Here's the process I go through to wash a single load of clothes:

1. Wash "normal" load. Agitates and drains. Doesn't spin.
2. Take out all but about a third of the clothes. Trick the door open by wedging something on the lid switch (won't spin without the lid switch engaged).
3. Set the dial to Spin. Machine turns on but doesn't spin.
4. With the machine running and the spin cycle still active, I gently nudge the agitator by hand. Jump-starting it, if you will.
5. Slowly, it gains speed until it is spinning at full speed.
6. Once complete, take out the properly-spun clothes and put them in the dryer (but don't turn it on yet).
7. Put the next third of clothes in washer. Set dial to spin and activate. Spins as normal. No nudging.
8. Take those clothes out and put in the final third. Set dial to spin and activate. Spins as normal. No nudging.
9. Clothes now dry in a single cycle.
10. Put in a second load of clothes. Repeat from Step 1.

Alternative washing method:

Divide one regular load into really small loads (literally enough to barely touch the agitator fins) and wash each tiny load separately. Those tiny loads wash and spin properly. But this drinks up twice as much water, laundry detergent, and time. So the missus vetoed that method until I can properly diagnose.

I googled and most places are saying clutch, but in those cases, the spin was completely dead. In my case a little jump-start will get it going.

Thanks for any help that can be given.
Hi, When I worked for Sears, I saw this happen all the time:

I'll say the same thing to you that I said to him.:)

I'd first check your motor coupler and see if its worn out(rubber shavings on your floor) or if any of the plastic fingers on it have broken.

Here's the motor coupling for your model:
285753A Motor Coupling

If your motor couple looks fine, then you'd need a new clutch. Whenever I replace the clutch I always replace the basket drive assembly as well, as they both work together.

Here's the clutch for your model:
285785 Clutch Assembly

Here is the basket drive assembly for your model:
W10820043 Basktdrive

Videos to replace each part are included on each part page.

Let us know how it goes.:)
Thanks for the input! The user in the post replaced all three, so we really don't know which one was faulty (his issue was hit or miss, but I can replicate my issue each and every time), but I'm going to order the pieces this afternoon.
Yes, its best to replace all three when the washer gets over 10 years old as those parts are naturally wearing just due to normal use.
Cash was kind of tight, so I only replaced the clutch assembly and motor coupling. The coupling had no damage at all (not even the rubber piece after almost 20 years), but I replaced it anyway. My washer is now spinning full speed without any intervention from me and the clothes dry in a single cycle! I will go ahead and replace the basket drive as soon as I can even though I saw no signs of significant wear on it.

Thanks again!!
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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