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110.20022103 Washer doesn't always agitate or spin out


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Oct 25, 2018
Nova Scotia
Model Number
Hi there. I have a kenmore top loading washing machine model 110.20022103 I believe. I have run the tests and in spin modes it will not spin. Some times it will do a full wash fine agitate and spin out but recently way more often then not it will not spin out or agitate. It will start to spin sometimes but doesn't pick up the speed and just stops.

I don't have the tech. data sheet for this model, once you locate yours get into the diagnostics to see what error code you get.

Now I'm posting your Lid Lock Switch and the video of how to access and replace it, but don't replace the Lid Lock Switch unless you get a error code that says to replace it. The main reason I'm posting your lid lock switch and video is just to show you how to access your tech. data sheet.

Here's the lid lock switch assembly for your model:
Door Lock W10404050

Watch this video below, Once you have the top up, there should be a tech. data sheet inside the front panel.

Hi there sorry I thought I posted in my original post the error code. I think it was F7E6. I am not home right now but will double check when I am
You didn't post error code F7E6 in your first post, but that is it?

Here's the tech data sheet:


  • 110.20022013 Tech Sheet-W10468340-RevC.pdf
    4.2 MB · Views: 259
Thanks bigbuck!

Ok, RaquelWild: F7E6-Motor Fault: Indicates an open clockwise or counterclockwise circuit of the motor.

See TEST #3: Drive System, page 13.
See TEST #3b: Drive System–Motor, page 14.

So do the TEST #3 and TEST #3b and let us know what you find.

It will either be the shift actuator, motor capacitor, or motor.

Here's the capacitor for your model: W11158830 Capacitor

Here's the shift actuator for your model - Video Included:
WPW10006355 Shift Actuator

Here's the motor for your model: WPW10677715 Motor

Let us know what you find.


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