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110.21302012 Loud roar on spin cycle. Can’t find the bearing in parts

Keith W

Mar 28, 2018
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Kenmore Model 110.21302012. It’s insanely loud during the spin cycle. Rotating the inner tub by hand I can hear a roar in the bearings. Looking in the parts diagram I cannot find any bearings. I spoke with searspartsdirect and they could not find it. They sent me to the repair department and again they could not tell me where the bearings are so that I can replace them. I checked to see if there was any play between the inner and outer tubs and there is none so I would assume it’s the main bearing the whole tub spins on. My guess is that on this model any bearing are integral with the gear box. But since that part is like $150 I would prefer to not buy it until I am sure. We continue to use the washer although even though it’s only a few years old it can’t possible continue to last yet I am hesitant to tear it down to find what’s bad and then have to wait whil I order parts. Any advice is appreciated.