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110.25852400 Kenmore Washer Only spins during drain cycle


May 8, 2023
Christopher, IL, United States
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore Series 80 washer. The lid switch has already been bypassed. The only time the washer will spin (and it spins fine) is during the drain cycle. The timer appears to go through all cycles fine.
It will fill fine, but then not agitate. Once it gets to the drain cycle, the water drains and the tub spins fine. Same thing with rinse, but once it gets to the spin cycle, it will not spin. Any ideas on what could be the cause?
After it fills, do you hear any sound from the motor like its trying to start in agitate mode? Or its dead silent? Does the timer continue to advance?

Have you tried it on both slow agitate and fast agitate?

Possibly, the problem is either the timer or the motor. Here's how to check it; First, remove the cabinet and temporarily bypass the lid switch(which you already did). Start the machine on a normal wash cycle. When the motor does not run in agitate mode feel the side of the motor. Is it hot?

Use your meter to check for 120 Volts AC across the blue wire and white wire on the motor switch. If the voltage is less than 110 Volts AC or if it jumps around, replace the timer. If the voltage is a constant 120 Volts AC, here's how to check the motor windings. Your motor is a two speed motor.
(click to enlarge)
Direct Drive Motors.jpg

Here's the motor for your model, if needed:
WP8529935 Motor-Drve

Here's the timer for your model, if needed:

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