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110.27872600 Washer banging and walking on floor


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Dec 10, 2016
New Jersey
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I have had the Kenmore top-loading series 800 model 110.27872600 washer for just over 10 years. I have repaired it twice before - once to replace the clutch, and the second time to replace the three suspension springs. Both of those repairs were done about 2 years ago.

The problem now is that it is making a serious banging when it spins, which causes the machine to "walk". The period of the banging is about 1/2 second when it is empty, but it changes depending on the load. This occurs only on the normal spin (not the slow spin for delicate or 2nd rinse)
The fact that the banging occurs when the machine is completely empty pretty much eliminates an unbalanced load.

I know that when the machine makes this kind of noise, you check whether it is level. I found that the machine is anything but level. The front is significantly lower than the rear, but it is fairly level from side to side.
I leveled it, but the noise only became more severe. Matter of fact, it makes significantly less noise when the front is as low as it can get. The rear feet are working properly to level the machine from side to side.

When I push the drum around, I notice that it is much easier to push in one direction than another. It feels as though one of the suspension springs is broken.
But when I up-ended the machine to look underneath, I found that all springs are attached and not broken.

I am now thinking that the counterbalance spring is weak. But the spring does not look damaged at all. There is no rust on it, and the holes where it hooks are not rusted through.
Could a spring be weak without looking bad? I would expect a weak spring to be discolored at the point the metal has been stressed.

I have tried to re-align the tub on the suspension plate, but that never changes anything. The banging always persists.

Any ideas?


Replace the tub suspension pads and check the base plate friction pads for any wear:
285744 Tub Suspension Pads

285219 Suspension Pad Kit
Wow! If it can be that simple, I will kick myself. My thinking has gone from springs to bearings, back to springs. While I had the machine lying down and looking into it from the bottom, I did notice those two white protrusions that are the back of the suspension pads, but only to make sure they were there. I didn't look at the top side of either those or the tub pads.
Sounds like its worth a try. Inexpensive, and not too much work.

Thanks for your help!
I've seen them wear down to where you can see through them. Keep us posted.

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