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110.28102310 Kenmore Elite top load washer not agitating or spinning

Stacey Crews

May 11, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Kenmore Elite top load washer not agitating or spinning.
Kenmore series 700 low water technology HE top load washing machine
Type 580
Model number 110.28102310

The washer starts the cycle fine, but when it's suppose swap to the wash part to agitate the clothes, it skips over to the rinse cycle. It rinses the clothes, then swaps to spin. I ran a computer diagnostic on the machine. I found the instructions online, but not the actual what do to guide after the diagnostic test. You press and hold the spin speed button for 5 seconds, let go, repeat, let go, repeat and the entire panel lights up. It's suppose to go through 8 or 9 different cycles depending on the machine. It will not go past C1, it fills up the entire tub and that's it. I have to power it off to get it going again. Where do I begin??
Hi, I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Look on Page 1 where it says C1--->Warm water fills through Fresh and Detergent valves, then Fresh valve until basket floats (disengages); then washer continues filling through Fresh and Detergent valves to minimum water level.

If no water, or fill temperature is wrong, go to Manual: Water Valves test, page 2.
--->If basket does not float or disengage, determine cause of friction.



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