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FIXED 110.42926220 Kenmore HE3T Washer motor might be on the way out


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Aug 12, 2019
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I wondering if the motor in our Kenmore Elite HE3t is starting to go. Over the past 6 weeks the breaker that the washer is on has been popping. The only other item on that circuit was a refrigerator. To continue using the washer I have been running on different circuit as I didn't know if the it was the washer or the refrigerator that was on it way out. I was leaning towards the fridge, but today my wife said the clothes don't seem to be as dry when the high speed spin is used so now I leaning towards the washer.

Are the motors super difficult to replace or with the part (WP8182793) being nearly $300 is better to look at new washer?

Thanks in advance!
If your washer was on a different circuit and the breaker did not trip, then it could be a weak breaker, breakers can wear out after 15-20 years.

Usually the MCU goes bad more often than the motor.

Unplug your washer first from the wall outlet, then look at the MCU for any burns spot on it first. If you see burnt spots on it, then that's definitely the problem.

Here's the MCU(Motor Control Board) for your model below, its located at the bottom left side when you open the bottom access panel. You can get to it by just removing the front bottom access panel:

W10756692 Motor Control Unit

There isn't a way to test the MCU on this model, but I'd test your motor first, so we can eliminate the motor as the cause.

To ohm test the motor: Unplug the washer from the wall outlet, then Disconnect the wire connector on the motor and measure the motor windings between Pins 1-2, 2-3, 1-3. Between each of those Pins, you should measure 6 ohms.

Here's the motor for your model:
WP8182793 Drive Motor

Let us know what you find.

Ok sounds good.

I finally had some time to check the MCU. I couldn't see any burn marks. If I purchased an clamp on voltmeter to test the amps, what is the normal range the motor should pull?
It doesn't say on the tech. data sheet the normal amp draw for the motor, but on the motor itself its rated at 3.7 amps.

I'm attaching your tech data sheet below.



  • techsheet-8181790-reva.pdf
    147.5 KB · Views: 67
update...washer is fine, it was the fridge that was causing the breaker to trip.
Thanks for the update.(y)

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