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110.45087400 Kenmore Elite He4t Washer - broken spider arm


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Jun 6, 2022
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Sears Kenmore
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First off, thanks to all who make these forums such a valuable place to find information.

Recently, my washing machine (model number in the subject) started banging LOUD during the spin cycle. I remember at the time thinking it sounded like someone banging on a piece of sheet metal with a hammer, which turned out to be not too far off the mark. The other thing I noticed before embarking on my take-aparting* was that when I turned the inner tub/drum/basket with my hand, there was a very noticeable 'clunk' at the same point in each revolution, and a visible shift in the center of rotation of the drum.

Inspired by some of the things I've read on this site, I disassembled the machine until I could get a look at the inner drum. Sure enough, the spider bracket is horribly corroded, and 2 out of 3 arms are broken off completely. On the plus side, both sets of bearings in the rear outer tub seem to be fine.

Looks like I have 3 options now, ranked below in most desirable to least desirable.

1. Get a new inner drum + spider bracket assembly from the manufacturer for free, since this part had/has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials.
2. Buy a secondhand spider bracket by itself from eBay (or someplace like it) and hope I can swap brackets without damaging the steel part of the drum or the replacement bracket.
3. Buy an entire replacement inner drum + bracket assembly. Last I looked this was $500-$600, though it's not clear to me that the one I'd need for my washer is even made any more.

On option #1, I have read some inspiring stories on this site of people who managed to get manufacturers to stand behind their products, and I'm currently pursuing this route. A lifetime of dealing with customer service departments have left me less than sanguine on this option, however. Also, the most recent posts I have seen where this happened successfully dated from 2018-2019.

Option #2 seems do-able, I guess, although the spider brackets I can find listed are themselves not great-looking. In addition, 'caveat emptor' seems to be the applicable phrase, with those sites.

Option #3: seems the safest, but I tried a couple of sites like RepairClinic and SearsPartsDirect, and those places make it seem like the inner drum for my washer is no longer available anywhere, for any price. Maybe I can find one secondhand; that has the same drawbacks as option #2, but I'd be in it for lots more money.

One last piece of information that has me a little stumped: the paper manual I have seems not to be the right one for the actual washing machine. My model is as listed in the subject, but the manual seems to be for a Kenmore Tumble Action Washer, and I have a paper 'Repair Parts List' for a model 417.43042200. All right, looks like I was given the wrong manual (the washing machine came with the house when we bought it). The weird part is that the guy we bought the house from (in 2016) spent his professional career as a Sears appliance repairman! It just seems odd to me that someone like that would have had the wrong manual for his washing machine. Is there any chance that the 417 models have interchangeable parts with the 110 models? Probably a long shot, but worth checking out as the drum/spider for the 417 models look like they are still available.

*I wanted my name on this site to be Disassembler, but the site wouldn't allow me to use that name. Possibly because the middle part of the word is another term for a donkey?


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Oct 10, 2004
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Is there any chance that the 417 models have interchangeable parts with the 110 models?


LINK> Washing machine inner basket and shaft assembly - Parts is now NLA.

Either new washer or a good used part.....JMO!

jeff sr.