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110.46462501 Kenmore Washer cycle won't start


Jul 27, 2019
Austin TX
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
My 110.46462501 Kenmore cycle won't start. After I push for the load to start, the door locks (I hear the click) then nothing happens/the cycle won't start.
I was troubleshooting with the manual and did the following error code test:

Select any one key (except STOP) follow the steps below, using the same key (remember the key):
Press/hold 4 seconds ➔ Release for 4 seconds ➔ Press/hold 4 seconds ➔ Release for 4 seconds ➔ Press/hold 4 seconds
Upon release, all console LED lights will turn on for 5 seconds. If there are any failure codes, all cycle LED lights will flash and the appropriate Status LED's will turn on.

After doing the test *all cycle LED lights flashed and the following Status LED's turned on: Rinse, Spin, Clothes Clean. In the manual, it says this could indicate an electrical problem but doesn't go any further than that. Wondering how to proceed/what my next step is to fix my washing machine.
Thanks in advance,

Ok, I'm attaching your tech data sheet below.

Rinse, Spin, Clothes Clean=Error Code F28

F28--->The communication between the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the Motor Control Unit (MCU) cannot be sent correctly.

Possible Causes/Procedure
1. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
2. Check wire harness connections to the MCU, the motor, and Central Control Unit (CCU).
– Check connections of the CCU board within the housing.
– Make sure all grounding switches are engaged.
3. Check the drive system for any worn or failed components.
4. Plug in washer or reconnect power.
5. Verify CCU operation by running a Diagnostic Test or any cycle.
6. Check the MCU by looking for operations of the drive motor.
7. Check the drive motor for powered rotations.
8. Check that the serial harness at the MCU is not mounted upside down. The wires should be to the left when facing the MCU connectors.

If you've done all the above, then 99% of the time the problem is the MCU, you can order it below and if it doesn't fix it you can return it for a full refund, less shipping.

Here's another member that had this same F28 and theirs uses the exact same MCU yours does, and the new MCU fixed it:

Here's the MCU for your model you can order:
Motor Control Board WPW10197864



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