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110.47532601 Kenmore "HE2 Plus" washing machine parts


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Feb 27, 2023
Cape Cod
Hello all- New user here, so try not to laugh me off the stage if this is a crazy thing to post:
I have several major parts for a Kenmore HE2 Plus washing machine, brand new parts that Sears Parts Direct never retrieved following cancellation of a repair to the machine. After multiple phone calls, I have given up on "Sears" ever coming for them.
This issue stems from the Sears warranty operator offering me a new machine last fall because one major part was still showing unavailable after two months. Of course it arrived not long after the new machine was delivered and the old Kenmore trucked off to oblivion.
Can anyone suggest where I might offer the parts for sale? I would be happy to sell them for well below their value. I took a look on eBay, but that doesn't at first glance seem a promising venue.
Among the parts: complete basket assembly, outer tub*, shock absorber.
*Note: "outer tub" appears twice in the parts list sent to me by Sears, and is billed twice. I don't know what this signifies.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Maybe try the Buy and Sell forum?

PS. Please list exact part numbers or you're unlikely to sell them.

Dan O.
Your Welcome!

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