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110.60902990 Won't start, only buzzing when button pressed

colnago rider

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Jul 12, 2016
Model Number
dryer was working then just the buzzing when the start button is pressed.
I looked here and replaced the thermal fuse (just a try). the entire base was covered in lint. cleaned it all out and no change.
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Could that be 110.60902990 ??

If yes, unless one of the drum supports is binding and holding the motor back from running or something is caught in the fan blower holding the motor back from running.....this is more often than not a bad/sour motor...

Drive-Motor-279787-00858787.jpg Dryer drive motor


hi jeff

thanks for the quick, concise very clear reply. I'm not happy with it, :p but what the heck. and yes, I mixed up the numbers. you got it right.

I will take apart the machine to check the supports and blower, but the wife hasn't liked this for quite a while so we'll probably just get a new one.

and your video tutorials are fantastic. I was able to disassemble the unit (I'm not a klutz but I don't do a lot of mechanical repair). I fixed the washer with one.


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