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110.64622300 Drum doesn't turn; buzzer won't turn off; hum heard when setting timer


Dec 6, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Our dryer finished a cycle, but then the buzzer wouldn't stop at the end.
Now when we go to set the timer, a loud hum is heard. (The buzzer does stop when the timer is moved from "off" position, but continues buzzing at "off" when the door is closed.)
Drum now does not start turning when timer is set and start button is pushed.
Heating elements turn on when the timer is set regardless of whether the start button is engaged.
This is what I've checked so far:

Thermal fuse (OK)
Door switch (OK - I replaced it anyway)
Start switch (OK; continuity when depressed, no continuity when not depressed)
Belt (OK, I think - belt on the drum and on the pulley)
Rollers (OK, I think - seem to spin freely)
Timer ??
Motor ?? (spins freely and doesn't seem to be seized up)

Could it be the motor or timer? Neither had shown any indication of failing prior to the final load. These are the two most expensive replacement parts, so I don't to replace the wrong one.
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