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FIXED 110.64842400 Kenmore series 80 model dryer won't start


Premium Member
Feb 8, 2021
Dallas, Texas
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years

My old dryer now when I press the start button just buzzes at me like I missed a question on a game show. I've done some work on it before replacing the rollers when it was squeaking badly earlier. Any repair suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Can you turn your drum by hand both ways?

If not, I'd first check your blower wheel, you may have something stuck in it preventing the drum from turning, and that blower wheel is directly attached to your motor, and that would make your motor just buzz too when you press the start button.

Make sure you unplug your dryer first!

Here's the blower wheel for your model:
WP694089 Blower Wheel

When you click the part link to your blower wheel you will see a HOW TO video of how to access that blower wheel to check for something stuck/jammed in it.

If nothing is stuck/jammed in the blower wheel, then access the motor and see if that turns freely both ways.

Here's the motor for your model(Video Included):
279827 Dryer Drive Motor

Let us know what you find.
Excellent, glad to hear the new motor fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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