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110.66932691 Kenmore Dryer 90 series No Heat


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Dec 27, 2022
New Jersey, USA
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore 90 series and I have replace every heating element. ie: thermostat, thermal state, heating coil, etc. attached photo. but it will still not heat up. it works it turns, and it was cleaned from one end to the other, inside and out so no ventilation issues. What can it be? Please and thank you. Single mom her doing her best and learning the rest ;-)


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We need the model number of your dryer first, the model number tag is located inside the door on the model number tag, it will start with 110.

I always check the voltage at the terminal block where your dryer power cord hooks up to first. Use a multimeter to check for 240 volts across the 2 outer terminals.

So pull the dryer out from the wall, then unplug it, then open the access panel where the power cord wires mount on the dryer terminal block, then see if you notice any burnt wires.

I see this happen a lot too:

If no burnt wires, then plug the dryer back in and put your meter leads on the two outer terminals and see If your getting 240 volts across the outer two terminals.

IF NOT--->That's the problem when the dryer runs but doesn't heat.
Thank you very much Jake for answering me. here is a pic of the model number. i check plug, brand new and looking good.


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But did you use a multimeter to voltage test it? Did you see any broken wires? Like I mentioned if your not getting 240 volts to the machine, it will run but never heat.

Here's the multimeter to do that volt test with. Or you can get a multimeter at any hardware store.

Watch this video below, it shows you how to use the multimeter:

Your welcome, yes let us know what you find.:)

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