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110.69622800 Kenmore 600 series dryer burning smell


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Nov 11, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
My sister in law said she was getting a burning smell from her dryer. When I checked, her hose was kinked. I straightened that out and took it apart to see if there was a buildup of lint. It wasn't bad so I cleaned it out and ran it again. The burning smell was still present and the dryer seemed to get really hot immediately.
I took a multimeter and tested fuses, coils, thermostats. Everything I can think of, and all are good. Belt looks good also

I am absolutely stumped. I didn't check the fuse on the motor. But I don't know if that would cause it.

Anyone have any ideas?
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That usually indicates a vent restriction, go outside and see if your exhaust duct is clogged up with lint, also pull the dryer out from the wall and remove the exhaust vent hose and dry a load with the exhaust hose OFF, then you will know for sure its a vent restriction to the outside of your house.
I don't know then, I'd need to be there with the dryer to see what's going on.

Its best to have a tech. come out at this point.
getting a burning smell from her dryer.

Someone will need to determine where the smell is actually coming from before we can suggest a cause or how to repair it. Possibilities are lint, overheating, burning wires and overheating motor.

Is the dryer overheating? What temperature is the exhaust air? Does the cabinet top get hot when running?

clean flow to outside the house

Just because some air is coming out of the vent doesn't necessarily mean it is the proper amount. One way to totally rule out the external venting is to try drying a load with the venting totally removed from the dryer to see if conditions improve.

Dan O.
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