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110.85861400 Wont start, wont run, wont heat.


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Oct 26, 2017
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The other day my wife dried a load of cloths, nothing odd happened I know of. Went to dry another load machine and machine wouldn't run. Machine lights up, modes work, start button works, no error codes, timer runs down and indicates when finished, seems normal accept not running and heating. Ran through the tech sheet from inside the machine and everything seems to check out. Placed in Diagnostic Mode and no fault codes come up. Has anyone had this issue. Im inclined to believe that it is the electronic control board but I cant be sure.

Diagnostic mode all lights work, all buttons have audible sound when pressed with no codes. Door open = 4E code and audible sound- normal. Start button audible sound and 08 code displayed- normal. No visible signs of burn out on Electronic control board.

Control Board test P2-5 to P1-5 = 2.3 ohm
Thermal Cut off to Heater test = 10.9 ohm
Heater Element test = 10.7 ohms
high limit test = 0.8 ohm
thermal cut off test = 0.8 ohm
thermistor test = 10.29 ohm
thermal Fuse test = 0.8 ohm

motor test normal
Start winding = 2.4-2.5 ohm
RUN winding = 2.4-2.5 OHM

POWER CORD leg Test Normal
a + b = 125.3v
a + c = 247.5v
b + c = 122.1V
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Did you ohm test the broken belt switch?

Here's the broken belt switch for your model:
279782 Broken Belt Switch Kit

Watch this video to ohm test it:

<iframe width="496" height="304" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2Vmy0Cpsiqc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

You will need to remove the drum first, watch this video below to remove the drum to access it:


If the broken belt switch is good, Take the tension off the motor and dryer drum by removing the belt from the motor pulley. You should be able to turn the motor pulley and blower wheel fairly easy by hand so try to spin it. Same with the dryer drum when the belt is not connected to the motor. It should turn freely on the rollers. If both conditions exist then it breaks down to this; With the belt installed so the broken belt switch is closed, measure the voltage at the motor connector M1 and M5 when you press the start switch. If the voltage is less than 110 VAC replace the board. If the voltage is 120 VAC replace the motor. The most common repair is replacing the board.
WP8546219 Control Board


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