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FIXED 110.95091401 Kenmore elite HE4 control lights out.


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Jan 13, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore elite HE4, smartheat * quietpak9 (MOD 110.95091401 / SER MT0301476). The motherboard (main power) is MAV-00 P/N 8267332 Rev D (see attached photo front and back).

I have found the problem but will go through everything that happened so that, maybe - just maybe, it will help someone figure out their problem quickly.

Initial problem was that while off or after drying the gas would come on or stay on and heat and moisture would build up in the drum and on the outside of the back vents. When I noticed the problem I ran it on “Air Dry” for 2 min. This seemed to solve the problem.

Last Week when the Dryer was not in use I noticed heat and a lot of moisture in the Drum and on the outside of the vents with no power to the buttons (no lights, no sound) but the drum light works. I unplugged the Dryer waited overnight and checked. The power was back to the buttons but only lasted a few hours before the system was dead again.

The next few days with the dryer unplugged I visually checked the boards and did not find anything that looked burned or a loose solder point. This morning with the dryer still unplugged, there was heat and moisture in the drum as well as the back. I live in Las Vegas so it is usually dry. We had rain a day ago. This was a lot of moisture, as in dripping.

I turned off the gas supply and waited for everything to cool down. Plugging the Dryer in (gas supply off) I had power to the buttons. I ran the dryer on “Air Dry” for 5 min with no issues. I turned on the gas supply and ran on “Medium Heat” for 10 min followed by “High Heat” 10 min. So a total time of 25 min running. You can hear the switches turning the gas on and off. I turned the gas off and unplugged the Dryer.

Very, very confusing. I saw one youtube about a guy that lived in Louisiana and had to use a hair dryer to dry the boards so they would work correctly. But why do I have so much moisture her in Vegas? I started following lines and vents. In the attic above the second floor I see that when someone installed a dryer upstairs, they tapped into the dryer vent from me and it was done very badly. Anytime the upstairs unit was on it would pump the heat and moisture into my Dryer. I redid the the vent giving it, its own outside vent.

Now for the problem of the control board. I made sure everything was very dry and clean. Waited a day to make sure and ran the dryer, with loads, two time. It worked fine. The next day I still had power to the the boards. At this point everything is working. If things change I will be back.

Thank you Jake for all your help. If nothing else I learned a lot.

Ok David, I've been helping you in this thread:

I noticed the model number on this new thread is different--->110.95091401

Can you please post the final result that fixed it in that other thread please? Thanks!
That is why I wanted to start a new thread.

Right now everything is working correctly. My conclusion is the moisture that was being pumped in the Dryer from the Dryer on the second floor was causing the control board to malfunction. Once the moisture was removed and all the components dried, there has not been any problems.

I would most likely have trashed the dryer and got a new one if it was not for your help.

Thank you.
Ok, got it! Thanks for clarifying that.(y)
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