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110.96273100 Kenmore dryer stopped heating up again after replacing Thermal cut off


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Apr 28, 2019
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Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Dryer stopped heating up, automatically thought it was the heating element. Ordered a new one and replaced it and same issue. I tested the fuses and sure enough it was the Thermal cut off fuse that was bad. Ordered one and replaced the bad one. Started working for three loads of clothes and now it stopped heating up. Am I missing something. About a year ago, it was clogged up, and not drying efficiently, but I cleaned out all of the lint and was working fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



You will need a thermometer to take its temperature. Sounds like its overheating if your vent exhaust is clean and clear.

This Multimeter reads temperature, it comes with a probe you put in the dryer door. Just open the dryer door and insert the probe, then close the door and run the dryer(WITHOUT CLOTHES IN IT) and watch the meter. Don't put the probe to far in or it will be hitting the drum as it turns.

The cycling thermostat is mounted by the vent hose connection. With the dryer on timed dry, high heat, the temperature at the dryer vent should be 170*F to 190*F. Watch the thermometer or multimeter display and note the temperature the element turns off and the temperature it turns back on through about 6-8 cycles. They should be fairly consistent.

Here's the cycling thermostat for your model:
Cycling Thermostat WP3387134

Let us know what the temperatures read.

I just took everything a part and checked all four fuses, three out of the 4 fuses are bad. Even the one I just replaced no longer works. I assume it got overheated and blew? Is replacing the 3 fuses going to fix the problem? or is there an underlying issue causing the fuses to blow?

No need to check the temperature, the dryer stopped heating up again after 3 loads.


That's very unusual, Possibly a grounded heating element.

Here's the heating element for your model you can order if needed(Access Video in part link):
WP4391960 Dryer Heating Element

This photo shows the back of your dryer where the heater is, in the photo he's testing for a grounded element, put your multimeter on 200 ohms and do the same, make sure the dryer is unplugged from the wall electrical outlet first.

When you ohm test it, IF the numbers on the meter change, that indicates its grounded, thus always staying ON.


Let us know what you find.

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