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11066962500 refuses to start

JR Allen

Premium Member
Jul 18, 2020
Long Beach, Mississippi
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore 11066962500 that refuses to start. I have checked the following:

  • Dryer thermal fuse - continuity good
  • Door switch - continuity good
  • Start switch on front panel - continuity good
  • Dryer cycling thermostat – continuity good
  • belt - unbroken
  • Idler shutoff switch for when belt breaks - continuity good
  • Power - 240 volts
  • no hum in motor
What do I do next?
Here is a good lesson for all. All of a sudden my problem became intermittent. One time I plugged up the dryer all my measurements seem be correct. The next time I plugged the dryer in I had nothing on the black leg.
Pulled the plug and the the black side had overheated and corroded. Now to replace the plug and the outlet. Aaaaargh, 2 days wasted.
Thank you all for the assistance.

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