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111.60519911 Kenmore Refrigerator - Sears service issue

Nov 18, 2020
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
Less than 1 year
I called sears in Sept. 2020 to fix my Kenmore refrigerator that was under warranty. I purchased the refrigerator in December 2019. They scheduled me three appointments the technician ordered a part to fix the fridge. It stopped working last month I've had to buy a used fridge. I've spoken to sears several times about this and they have not offered to replace the refrigerator under warranty or show any interest in speeding up the process to have it fixed. I think its so unprofessional that they could do this to a struggling family with young kids in the house during a pandemic. Beware of buying appliances from sears, it seems the company has gone downhill and doesn't care about the health and safety of their customers and their families.
With the pandemic going on repair parts are hard to come by... as well as whole new appliances. If they replaced every appliance waiting for parts (if they even could!) they'd go bankrupt.

It is a shame you (and lots of others) are suffering repair related delays but I really doubt it's Sears' fault in this case.


Dan O.

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