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Thread: Kenmore Elite 110.63932101 Back Panel Off?

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    Default Kenmore Elite 110.63932101 Back Panel Off?

    I'm frustrated! About a month ago our 3-year old Even Heat Kenmore Elite dryer had the dryer-won't-stay-on-when-I-release-the-start-button problem. I removed the exhaust ducting, cleaned it out, checked the exhaust port inside the dryer, and replaced and repositioned the ducting in the rear. This solved the problem. and everything was fine for 2 weeks. Now we have a "new" problem -- the dryer won't heat. My wife has run the dryer without the ducting in place, but there is still no heat. I've decided to check all the potential problems that I've read about on this and other forums (thermal fuse, thermostats, heating coil, and then maybe the circuit board); however, I can't remove the back panel. I have removed all the nut screws, the pin that holds the exhaust duct in place, and the top panel from over the back panel. However, there appears to be about six places that are notched, glued, or perhaps riveted in place that I can't budge. Running a putty knife down the bottom and edges won't release the panel. The DIY Repair Manual doesn't address the procedure. In my frustration, am I missing something simple? How do I get the back panel off? Help, please...

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