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Thread: Kenmore Elite HE3 gas dryer (110.92822103) will not run

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    Default Kenmore Elite HE3 gas dryer (110.92822103) will not run (not the "even heat" problem)

    Darn it! Warranty just ran out!

    When we select a cycle, say 'Casual', everything appears OK. Then when you press 'Start', it beeps (like a quick beep-beep-beep) and the Estimate Time Remaining number flashes ('36' in this case). No error codes, nothing else to hint at a problem.

    This is the EXACT behavior that occurs when my door is not tightly shut (or is wide open).

    This happened right after the drum light "burned out". My wife was using it at the time and said the light flickered then went out. The next time she tried to start it it didn't work.

    I suspected maybe a fuse, but after reading some of these posts, I realize that it may be worse.


    1. Where abouts on the dryer do I start removing panels to reach the fuses/circuit boards?

    2. Where do I buy fuses?

    3. If this is a damaged board, what is the best way to go about repairing/replacing? Should I have Sears do it? If so, should I purchase the $169 service package which includes a 1year warranty, or the standard service package ($55 minimum)?


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    You can take off that lower access panel in the front, it has 2 1/4" screws on the very bottom of each side.

    The only fuse in it is the thermal fuse, (unplug the dryer FIRST)take the wires off and ohm it for continuity.

    It sounds more like a thermistor or electronic control board problem.

    Always make sure you unplug the dryer before testing!

    Jeff1 has a great website on dryer tests:

    If you don't feel comfortable doing tests on the dryer, or ohming parts out, I would recommend the $169 service package, mainly because your dryer is mostly electronic/computer controlled, and those electronic boards are extremely expensive.

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