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Thread: Need help with old Magic Chef - the oven won't light

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    Default Need help with old Magic Chef - the oven won't light

    I have a Magic Chef with Uniburners. At least I think that's what it is. I've had it 21 years, and it was here when I bought the house. All names and logos have worn off, except that I can make out faintly the words "with Uniburners" and a flame logo on it. I searched the term and it seems to only be associated with Magic Chef (what the heck is a uniburner anyway?)

    The oven burner does not light when the oven control is turned on. There is a pilot light. When the control is turned to warm and beyond, a click can be heard and the pilot gets bigger and reaches the burner where you'd expect gas to be coming out, but you can't hear any gas rushing out like on my other oven and the burner doesn't light. Also after I cleaned it a bit, at the same time, a flame shoots forward from the pilot toward what appears to be some kind of heat sensor. It has a wire (which I assume gets hot - I didn't touch it) which leads to the unit through which the gas must travel from the gas line so I assume that unit is some kind of control valve.

    I have no idea where to begin to troubleshoot this, what or how to test. I'm not sure of even how to remove the burner and that "control valve" unit. It appears to be easy to disconnect, but I don't see how I could get it out the front. I haven't pulled out the oven from the wall to see if the back can be removed in case it has to come out from there.

    I need help with this because I have guests who want to use the oven (it's in what has been a long time little used second kitchen upstairs where they're staying) and I can't afford the diagnostic labor charge of the repair professionals in our area. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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    When you turn the thermostat on the pilot light goes to secondary flame. The flame kicks on to the oven safety valve thermocouple. When it gets hot enough it generates millivolts and opens the safety valve. Here's how to check it; Make sure the flame kicks down and covers the bulb of the thermocouple. You can use a lighter if you're not sure. If no gas comes out It might be the valve that's bad. Now, some of the older models used a flame switch. It looks like a dryer thermostat with two wires on it and the thermocouple coming out of the middle. To check it, short the two wires together or use a ohm meter to see if it's closed.

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